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501c3Lookup.org provides an up-to-date and completely searchable list of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 501c3 Non-profit organizations. Learn more about nonprofit and charitable organizations directly from the official US IRS Charities and Non-profits page.

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Meet Our Team

Matthew Balogh

Matt is an experienced digital health marketing leader with 20 years of global executive-level experience in transforming healthcare through innovative technologies. He specializes in driving digital marketing strategies in the pharmaceutical industry, utilizing his background in Marketing MBA and hands-on software engineering. As a visionary leader, Matt optimizes processes, platforms, and forges digital partnerships to achieve digital transformations and growth. With a deep understanding of business, technology, and healthcare, he effectively communicates as a speaker, blogger, and podcaster, bridging the gap between cutting-edge digital technologies and healthcare needs. Matt's ultimate goal is to revolutionize healthcare by delivering timely and relevant information, making a tangible impact on lives and improving the economics of healthcare.

Sandra Miniutti

Sandy is an experienced nonprofit executive with over 20 years of diverse expertise in public relations, marketing, fundraising, strategic planning, public speaking, partnership-building, financial management, research, analysis, and writing. She is deeply committed to advancing the philanthropic marketplace, ensuring charities are equipped to address pressing community issues. Notably, Sandy has held leadership roles such as Chief Program Officer at Family Promise, overseeing Affiliate success and national programs. She has also made significant contributions as Vice President of Marketing and CFO at Charity Navigator, handling content marketing, media relations, and financial management. Throughout her career, Sandy has excelled in financial analysis, development, and implementing efficient methodologies, leveraging her positions at Mayo Performing Arts Center, GlassRoots, Morris Museum, and Colgate-Palmolive.

Claudia Rufa

Claudia Rufa is a recent graduate of Marist College with a degree in Media Studies/Production. She gained experience as a Social Media Intern at GPS For Weight Loss, creating engaging content and promoting the program. Claudia also worked at Fox News Media, honing her skills in audio management, scriptwriting, and podcast coordination.

With her versatile voice, she excels as a Voice Over Artist, and she has contributed to radio shows and written blogs during her internship at Townsquare Media.

Claudia's diverse background includes roles as a Sales Associate, Social Media Ambassador, and Graphic Artist. With her expertise in social media, communication, and creative content creation, she aims to make a meaningful impact in the field of nutrition and digital media.

Nicholas Rufa

Nick is a visionary technology and marketing leader with a strong background in publishing and healthcare. He excels in driving product strategy and consistently delivering exceptional results. With extensive experience in product architecture and digital marketing.

Nick has held leadership positions at IQVIA, Melinta Therapeutics, and MedPage Today/Everyday Health. His expertise lies in designing and building CMS, LMS, CRM, and front-end/back-end systems for diverse organizations. Nick holds a BS in Business from Siena College and is passionate about driving new business growth and optimizing digital assets.

Nick created the first 501c3Lookup.org website in 2013.

Nancy Robasco

Nancy is an experienced technology professional with a diverse background in programming and engineering. She has held various leadership roles, including Director of Programming and Engineering at MedPageToday/Everyday Health, where she led the development and implementation of innovative solutions. Nancy has also worked as a Systems Developer at IBM, contributing to the development of cutting-edge technologies. With her expertise as a C++ Developer at Prodigy Services, she has demonstrated her proficiency in software development and system architecture. Nancy began her career as a Programmer at General Foods/Mondel─ôz International, gaining valuable experience in the industry. With her extensive knowledge and skill set, Nancy continues to make significant contributions to the technology field.

Buddy Scalera

Buddy Scalera is a content strategist and digital pioneer with over 20 years of omnichannel marketing experience.

He is an innovative team leader delivering excellence in digital marketing strategy, content engineering, website development, social media, distance learning, mobile marketing strategy, content creation, and enterprise content governance on component content management systems (CCMS).

He is an early adopter with AI tools exploring techniques to optimize and improve content created by generative AI.

Buddy launched the 501Companion Podcast series in 2019.