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  • Amplify Your Cause with DIRECTV

    DIRECTV FOR BUSINESSSM understands the drive of nonprofits. We’ve tailored an exclusive TV offer for you, ensuring you have access to the best in news, sports and entertainment. As you navigate your mission, let us elevate your experience. With DIRECTV, it’s more than entertainment—it’s about making a difference.

    Source: NonProfitPRO

  • Unlocking Volunteer Potential: Strategies for Impactful Nonprofit Engagement

    It is challenging to fully unlock volunteer potential. Spending countless hours to recruit and train volunteers only to have up to half of them never engage again is a loss of time and resources. Here are a few strategies to achieve impactful nonprofit engagement.

    Source: NonProfitPRO

  • How to Tell Your Nonprofit’s Financial Story

    Financial storytelling isn’t number-crunching—it's a smart way to clearly communicate your financial position to your stakeholders, even if they’re not accountants. Download this whitepaper to understand how to tell your financial story in a way that boosts your sustainability and growth.

    Source: NonProfitPRO

  • Answers to 5 Key Questions About Monthly Giving

    Fundraisers ask me questions about monthly giving all of the time. Here are the answers to some of those key questions, such as when to ask for monthly gifts and how to steward monthly donors.

    Source: NonProfitPRO

  • Public Dollars for Public Good

    There is a real opportunity here for philanthropy to support efforts that advocate for fair, transparent, and equitable budget appropriations and government grant processes; to develop infrastructure required to apply for and implement federally funded projects; to raise private funding to unlock public dollars; and to advise on the development of policies and practices that increase the flow of public dollars to marginalized communities.

    Source: Nonprofit Quarterly

  • ClickBid Launches AuctionGPT, a New AI Assistant for Nonprofits

    ClickBid launched AuctionGPT as part of its mobile bidding software. AuctionGPT gives charities with limited resources access to the same type of technology as larger nonprofits, making it easier for them to promote their causes to a wider audience and make a meaningful difference.

    Source: NonProfitPRO

  • Impala Platform Launches Nonprofit Relationship Building Tool, Paths

    Impala announced the launch of Paths, a new networking product. Created to enhance the work of fundraisers, prospect researchers, consultants or grantmakers, Paths will help organizations discover and maximize potential relationships opportunities to accomplish positive change in their communities.

    Source: NonProfitPRO

  • Tenant Organizers Are Fighting a Forever War

    Organizing for housing justice is a long, uphill battle with many obstacles—including retaliation, attrition, and burnout.

    Source: Nonprofit Quarterly

  • I Don’t Like the Term “Moves Management”

    Instead of moves management and grouping donors by relationship stage, fundraisers should have a mindset of cultivating donors all the time.

    The post I Don’t Like the Term “Moves Management” appeared first on Veritus Group.

    Source: Passionate Giving Blog

  • Download the #GivingTuesday Ultimate Guide

    Giving Tuesday is right around the corner—are you prepared? Get ahead of the competition and create your most successful campaign ever with the #GivingTuesday Ultimate Guide eBook! Download the eBook to receive helpful tips and tricks for planning and sending communications, social and email messaging templates, a sample project calendar, examples of successful campaigns from other nonprofits, and more.

    Source: NonProfitPRO

  • Former Columbus Zoo Executives Indicted in $2 Million Fraud Scheme

    The three former zoo officials “extorted, conspired, bribed and stole” for personal gain, and spent the money on concerts and sporting events, meals and trips, the Ohio attorney general said.

    Source: New York Times

  • Advanced Email Engagement for Nonprofits: Use Zero-Party Data

    If you're interested in improving your nonprofit's email engagement, you might try a lot of tactics, like Playing with your subject lines Switching up the sender's name Including photos or videos in the email body Adding more links or buttons for readers to click on Creating a mobile-first email template Adding an email welcome [...]

    The post Advanced Email Engagement for Nonprofits: Use Zero-Party Data appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

    Source: Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

  • 5 Tips To Foster a Positive Work Environment for Nonprofits

    Guest post, thanks to Tim Badolato We all want a positive work environment. One of the biggest benefits of working at a nonprofit is knowing you’re making a difference. From your fundraising team to your board members, everyone who’s a part of your organization has a hand in supporting your mission. Your employees may feel […]

    The post 5 Tips To Foster a Positive Work Environment for Nonprofits appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising.

    Source: Fundraising advice

  • Capitalism, the Insecurity Machine: A Conversation with Astra Taylor

    Activist, filmmaker, and author Astra Taylor on how capitalism makes us insecure, and why we need to transform the economy for our collective safety.

    Source: Nonprofit Quarterly

  • Inside the Weird, Magical World of Matching Donations

    Today, many nonprofits offer to match individual donations. Here’s a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of matching gifts.

    Source: NonProfitPRO

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