Non Profit 501c in  Zip Code 07961 

Affiliation Code Breakdown for 07961

Affiliation # in Zip Code
Independent 9
Subordinate 5

Ruling Date Breakdown for 07961

Ruling Date Decade # in Zip Code
1940's 2
1950's 2
1960's 1
1970's 1
1980's 3
1990's 3
2000's 1
2010's 1

Deductibility Code Breakdown for 07961

Deductibility # in Zip Code
Contributions are deductible 10
Contributions are not deductible 4

Organization Breakdown for 07961

Organization # in Zip Code
Corporation 9
Trust 1
Association 4

Foundation Code Breakdown for 07961

Foundation Type # in Zip Code
All organizations except 501(c)(3) 5
Private non-operating foundation 1
Church 170(b)(1)(A)(i) 2
Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) 4
Organization that normally receives no more than one third of its support from gross investment income and unrelated business income and at the same time more than one third of its support from contributions, fees, and gross receipts related to exempt purposes. 509(a)(2) 1
Organizations operated solely for the benefit of and in conjunction with organizations described in 10 through 16 above. 509(a)(3) 1

Income Code Breakdown for 07961

Income # in Zip Code
N/A 8
$10,000 to $24,999 3
$25,000 to $99,999 3

Asset Code Breakdown for 07961

Assets # in Zip Code
N/A 8
$25,000 to $99,999 4
$100,000 to $499,999 2
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