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501 Companion Podcast

An education and news podcast/vodcast for 501c3 charitable organizations that want to create better content, optimize their technology, and improve their marketing to better serve their mission.

Produced weekly in audio and video by a multidisciplinary team of marketing and technology professionals who provide insights and solutions to established and emerging charities.

Produced by:

  • Matt Balogh, a thought leader in the digital marketing and martech space
  • Nick Rufa, a veteran technologist and the founder of the 501c3Lookup.org website
  • Buddy Scalera, a content strategist and digital marketer

Season 1

Episode 13 — Recorded May 12, 2021

David Beckham Captain Tom 100 and Gap Analysis

What does David Beckham juggling a soccer ball 100 times to honor Captain Tom Moore on 101st birthday mean for social media and charitable...

Episode 12 — Recorded May 4, 2021

Coldplay Rare Vinyl and Content Analysis

Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, The Clash and more donate rare vinyl to charity exhibition to support pressing matters in aid of Music support...

Episode 11 — Recorded Apr 26, 2021

Elon Musk Content Strategy Content Marketing

Musk is a brilliant, but an unpredictable leader and his donation style matches that We'll discuss that as well as Content Strategy and Content Marketing for charities. 501Companion is the podcast from 501c3Lookup.org for charities looking to make a difference in the world without hiring a marketing team or breaking the bank

Episode 10 — Recorded Apr 19, 2021

Ford Leather, Corporate Giving, and Inflection Points

Big, high-profile donations are on the rise. Ford donates found leather, Jack Dorsey donates and NFT tweet, and Charity wins at the Wheel of Fortune. In marketing, Matt discusses how to prioritize inflection points.

Episode 9 — Recorded Mar 31, 2021

Wheel of Fortune and More Behavior Change

What are NFTs and how are people using them? Why does some marketing successfully change behavior and others do not?

Episode 8 — Recorded Mar 31, 2021

Wall Street, Mindspace, and Succes

501Companion is the podcast from 501c3Lookup.org for charities looking to make a difference in the world without hiring a marketing team or breaking the bank.

Episode 7 — Recorded Mar 19, 2021

Behavior Change and High-Profile Donations Make News

The team discusses the challenges of donating cars to charity and how 501c3 organizations can make it easier for people to donate time, money, and objects. Matt leads listeners on Part 4 of the marketing strategy for charities; focus on audience segmentation and targeted messages that are personalized to charity donors.

Episode 6 — Recorded Feb 24, 2021

The Orange Effect and Mission Important

Your Mission, should you choose to use it, is one of the most important things you can do for your organization. This week the team discusses aligning tactics to strategy and strategy to the mission.

Episode 5 — Recorded Feb 16, 2021

Ballpark Art and the Marketing Mix

This week the team talks about how a ballpark can six artists are leveraging social media to raise money. Last week they kicked off the strategic journey to digital marketing strategies, this week they continue to define your marketing mix.

Episode 4 — Recorded Feb 9, 2021

Pets Partnerships and Strategy

This week the team covers how to leverage parnerships and kicks off a multi-video journey into defining digital marketing and strategy.

Episode 3 — Recorded Jan 29, 2021

Driving Traffic with Targeted Email

This week the team discusses the basics of email marketing, list renting, and CRM.

Episode 2 — Recorded Jan 15, 2021

Navigating Charities and SEO

In this episode, the team discusses SEO (earned) vs SEM (paid) search strategies, and why linking your website to your Form 990 is important.

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