Human Services - Multipurpose and Other Non Profits in  Zip Code 11957 

1 Non Profit 501(c)3 Organizations
47-4209450 99 THRIFT SHOP INC

Affiliation Code Breakdown for 11957

Affiliation # in Zip Code
Independent 1

Ruling Date Breakdown for 11957

Ruling Date Decade # in Zip Code
2010's 1

Deductibility Code Breakdown for 11957

Deductibility # in Zip Code
Contributions are deductible 1

Organization Breakdown for 11957

Organization # in Zip Code
Corporation 1

Foundation Code Breakdown for 11957

Foundation Type # in Zip Code
Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) 1

NTEE Code Breakdown for 11957

Income Code Breakdown for 11957

Income # in Zip Code
N/A 1

Asset Code Breakdown for 11957

Assets # in Zip Code
N/A 1

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  • Bank of America announces additional grants to HBCUs, HSIs
  • Center for Disaster Philanthropy awards $2 million for COVID-19 relief
  • Melmark receives $21 million for services for people with disabilities
  • Bezos Family Foundation, MacKenzie Scott support maternal health care
  • Flint Community Schools receive $1 million for remote learning tech

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